Zorlu Center

The land of the General Directorate of Highways in Zincirlikuyu, which is the one of the focal points of İstanbul, was acquired by Zorlu Property for $800 million in an auction that took place on March 7, 2007.

To realize a unique project in Europe and to render Istanbul a rising star in the world, we organized the "Zorlu Center Architecture and Urban Design Competition" between July-November 2008, where we received a record number of applications. A total of 117 domestic and international firms, 13 of which were international, submitted projects and the Emre Arolat Architecture - Tabanlıoğlu Architecture Joint Venture Group was selected as the winning project

Zorlu Center At A Glance Land Area : 102.000 m²

Total Construction Area : 629,000 m²

Recreational Areas and Gardens : 120.000 m²

Employment during construction : 4.000 people

Capacity of the performing arts center : 3.050 people

Turkey's first and only 5 functions "mixed use" project and the new attraction center of Istanbul features a performing arts center, a hotel, office spaces, a shopping mall and residences. We also aim to bestow a "new city square" to Istanbul through this project.

Zorlu Center was inspired both by symbolic squares of Istanbul from the past to the present and many other well-known squares in different cities of the world. With its modern architectural understanding, it will serve as a bridge at the crossroads of Asian and European continents. Zorlu Center will become an ‘international attraction center' with the best view of Bosporus and its 120.000 m² land of recreational facilities, gardens and 75.220 m² green areas.

The performing arts facility in Zorlu Center is itself a masterpiece which is set on a 47.000 m² area with a capacity of 3.050 people. The project also consists of a 5 star international hotel that will increase the city's prestige and raise the touristic value of the city, and a shopping mall that will host world famous brands. Both the Tower Residence with its matchless views and the Garden Residence with its private gardens or terraces give their owners the privilege to live at the heart of the city while feeling far away. The office spaces are elegantly integrated with the rest of the project with an individual flat floor plan in contrast to generally excepted skyscrapers.

Zorlu Center will be a dream come true which will hopefully become a timeless project recognized globally even after a century. We are also proud to make a significant contribution to our country's economy by providing employment to four thousand people in the construction process.


Even before its completion Zorlu Center has been recognized by many awards, which is a sign that it will be one of the best projects in the world...

The Zorlu Center was first recognized internationally when it was rewarded with the "Master Planning" (The Best Project Plan) special jury award at the City scape Dubai Architectural Awards Competition in 2008.

This was followed by the award won in the Europe and Africa Property Awards 2009 organized within the scope of International Property Awards. There were more than four thousand projects from 97 countries participating in the competition.

The center also won the European prize in the "Commercial Architecture Award" category.


Zorlu Center Projesi Zincirlikuyu Cad. 34340 Beşiktaş / İSTANBUL


Phone: 0 (212) 444 94 96 (ZGYM)

Zorlu Levent

Zorlu Levent Offices, planned by Tabanlıoğlu Architecture, will be one of the best and striking examples of modern architecture with its unique design.

The project differs from the generally excepted forms with a major office tower and with its recreational green areas, covering 10.000 m² of the landscape. The land is 12.000 m² with a total of 122.000 m² building area above and below the ground. Zorlu Levent will be lying like a bridge between the parallel Levent and Kağıthane districts and make connections between the crossroads with its horizontal layout. The project will provide A+ office spaces needed in the region, have "Executive Offices" on the top 4 floors and a helipad on the roof.

The "common areas" between the floors and the "lounges" in these areas will provide a relaxing environment to the employees where they can socialize during breaks. The same "common areas" are planned to include meeting rooms for common use. The facade of the building will be covered with glass and a special sheer glass will be used for the "common areas" making it transparent and enabling splendid light performances during the evening.

With its cafes, social areas, stores and spacious parking area, Zorlu Levent will meet the daily needs of the employees and will be one the most attractive business centers in the region.


Esentepe Mah.Büyükdere Cad. No:199 Levent / İSTANBUL

Zorlu Konak

We are undertaking a unique Project in Izmir Konak with our Zorlu Konak Residence Project. We are determined to take the first step in making Izmir a global center of attraction in terms of architecture besides the rest of its beauties.

Izmir is one of the most beautiful coastal cities of Turkey…

The primary architectural outlook of the city has been preserved since the beginning of the 1900s. Then the apartment blocks made in 1950s were brought by the urban architecture.However, the most significant part of İzmir's architecture is the tall buildings that date back to the 1980s which embellish the city and reach the sky.

Zorlu Konak Residence project aims to blend these three different approaches and create a living area with a modern concept while bearing the classic historical texture.

The project which will be designed by Emre Arolat Architecture (EAA) will consist of a residence and other facilities that will simplify the daily life of the dwellers such as a fitness area, movie theatre and gourmet markets. The project which is set on a 5.200 m² land has 2.100 m² green areas.

The terraces and large balconies across the whole coastal line of İzmir resemble a pearl necklace which blend in with the city scape and become an inseparable part of it. The balconies, the outreaching floors and the different architectural look of the apartment blocks of the Zorlu Konak Residence will reflect a comprehensive architectural understanding of the whole city.

Zorlu Konak Residence bears the traces of the "Clock Tower" which is a symbol of Izmir and is a strong candidate to become the new symbol of the city with its location and its architectural design.

Another symbol of the city, the "Love Road", is extended through the front of the residence to complete the city view and increase the green area.

With the Zorlu Konak Residence we aim to add a new dimension to the timeless architectural look of the city.


Zorlu Konak Residence received the Residential Best Architecture Award in the Europe and Africa Property Awards 2009 ceremony held on October 16th.

Europe and Africa Property Awards , which are given within the scope of the International Property Awards are among the most prestigious architectural awards in the world. The awards of the competition, in which more than four thousand projects from 97 countries competed, were given to the winners at the ceremony held on October 16th in London. International Homes Magazine editor-in-chief Helen Shield and jury member ICREA CEO (International Consortium of Real Estate Assocations) Thijs Stoffer gave Zorlu Property its award.


Vali Kazım Dirik Cad. No:11 Kat:1/101 Pasaport / İZMİR

Zorlu Bebek

Zorlu Bebek, having entrances both on the Bebek coast and the Etiler hill, is still in the concept project studies stage and will become another asset adding a prestigious value to the architectural sight of Istanbul.


İpar Korusu Otlukbeli Cad. Bebeköy Sk. No:7 Etiler - Beşiktaş / İSTANBUL

Zorlu Alaçatı

We are undertaking an exclusive project in Çeşme Alaçatı, which is the pearl of the Aegean Region and the meeting point of sea and surf lovers with its beautiful stone houses. We aim to create a place set on a 680.000 square meters land embracing the nature at the crossroads of the blue and the green.

Zorlu Alaçatı Project will be the only one of its kind in Turkey, consisting of a boutique hotel, villas, an airstrip, a golf field in international standards and many other elements.

The project will provide Yacht travellers cruising through the Aegean Sea the opportunity to stay in a boutique hotel or private villas. Zorlu Alaçatı residents preferring the airway will also easily reach the resort through the airstrip.

The elite guests will enjoy golfing within the harmony of green and blue in the field located near the boutique hotel and the villas. The concept project studies of Zorlu Alaçatı, which will be a hidden paradise hosting its elite residents in winter and summer, continue.


İzmir İli, Çeşme İlçesi, Alaçatı Beldesi, Gölovası ve Mersin Koyu Mevkii

Zorlu Marmaris

Marmaris is an ideal vacation location for yatch travellers with its natural port leaning on its pine trees, the architecture on its shoreline with palm trees, the unique beaches with blue flag waters and all kinds of water sports. Marmaris, with a naturally and perfectly protected port, has marinas to host hundreds of yachts coming from all over the world. Marmaris and its surroundings are extremely rich in terms of their magnificent nature and the archeological structure reflecting the past. Besides its natural beauty, the area brings centuries of hetirage to the present with its ancient cities.

We aim to create a deluxe yet peaceful living area at the crossroads of the Mediterranean forest and the sea with Zorlu Marmaris project.

The project is designed to integrate the boutique hotel and the villas with their beautiful natural surroundings and will serve to A and A+ domestic and foreign customers. Zorlu Marmaris will be located on 154.000 m² of land in the Adaağzı district of Muğla Marmaris.

The concept studies of the project in which the villa sizes are planned to differ between 90 m² and 150 m² continue. In addition to the villas, recreational areas, sport facilities (jogging tracks, basketball, tennis, beach volley courts etc.), play grounds for children, parks and at least 3 open pools and a closed pool will be included in the project. The landscape of the project will allow the villa residents to build their own private pools if they wish.

On suitable regions the villas will be connected both by the streets and water channels, which will allow the Zorlu Marmaris residents to reach their home via water channels after leaving their boats at the Marmaris Marina.

The boutique hotel will be consisting of 15 suit rooms serving for the guests of the villa residents. The hotel will also be serving as a club house for the residents with its facilities like an a la carte restaurant, café, hobby rooms, fitness center, sauna, movie theatre, bars and conference hall. There will also be stores for shopping next to the hotel. The entire technical infrastructure will be buried under the ground to protect the environment at maximum level which is an important part of this project.


Muğla İli, Marmaris İlçesi, Adaağızı Mevkii